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I have Gitlab Omnibus (12.4.2-ee) set up in Ubuntu and was trying to get Gitlab Pages to work with access control turned on. It always returns a 503 after the Gitlab Auth page. Using it with access ... Google light switch
Oct 04, 2018 · Also, there is no need to host and maintain a separate service if you are using Gitlab. The CI comes built in and you can create runner environments if your setup scales. Bonus: Drupal is moving to Gitlab! Gitlab CI overview. You check in the Gitlab CI configuration file as a part of your codebase. It is called .gitlab-ci.ymlat the top level ...

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GitLab is a database-backed web application, so its installation is more involved than some other Git servers. Fortunately, this process is well-documented and supported. GitLab strongly recommends installing GitLab on your server via the official Omnibus GitLab package.

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...port, proxy through apache on the same server and terminate the SSL at apache, however there are in Gitlab which make this difficult; in this post I'll describe how to proxy Gitlab through apache...

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Jun 27, 2013 · I want to be able to force all of the Internet traffic on my LAN through a PC running some UTM distribution, or something like Smoothwall. My main goal is URL filtering and stuff like that. I have a Linksys router with a DHCP server. The router's IP is If I have my UTM box...

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To clone code (using git) via HTTPS. User (using git via https) -----> Server A (SSL, NGINX) ----> GitLab Server B (HTTP). User clone code via [login to view URL] 1. Server keep SSL and run NGINX to proxy git, other service run on the same domain. 2. Server B run http for GitLab. Please help me to config nginx on server A. Skills: Debian, Linux ...

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.gitlab-ci.yml reference Validate syntax Visualize configuration Include examples. GitLab can be configured to use an asset proxy server when requesting external images/videos/audio in issues...

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Mar 27, 2017 · Summary After installing gitlab omnibus, we enabled mattermost, setup our own push proxy server and compile IOS and Android apps. Android app is getting Push notifications without any issue. IOS App doesn’t get notifications, because the Push Proxy doesn’t send them, because there is no IOS Device registered, and this is because the IOS App is not sending the device id on login, it’s ...

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Violation Comments to GitLab Plugin. This is a Jenkins plugin for Violation Comments to GitLab Lib. This plugin will find report files from static code analysis and comment GitLab pull requests with the content. Available in Jenkins here. Example of supported reports are available here.

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Hello, When I try to install Helm Tiller on my Kubernetes Cluster with Gitlab UI, I get the following error : Something went wrong while installing Helm Tiller Installation failed.

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Create a new release via the Heroku API using the image ID within the script; Make sure to replace <APP_NAME> with your Heroku app's name. With that, commit and push your changes up to GitLab to trigger a new pipeline. This will run the build stage as a single job. Once complete, a new release should automatically be created on Heroku.

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